My Little Mind Readers . . .

5/16/2018 07:31:00 PM

Okay . . . Something very odd happened the other day.  ALL 4 of my kids hung out with me for a good hour or so for no real reason - except there was a reason . . . but it was an unspoken reason. They knew I needed it.

I've never really been shy about talking about my depression. It's part of me and I am NOT ashamed of it - I have a lot going on and I think people often think that is what's "wrong". BUT my busy life isn't what makes me depressed. If you don't know what causes depression . . . you should go and look it up. It's not simple and everyone who suffers from it does so differently. It's also not a sign of weakness and it is serious. At my worst, I cried non-stop for 3 days straight and didn't get out of my pajamas or do more than the absolute BARE MINIMUM to keep myself and my family afloat before ending up in a doctor's office. I remember telling myself over and over that I wasn't going to be that chick who broke down and started crying as soon as the doctor walked in. He walked in . . . asked me how I was doing . . . I took a deep breath, said, "Well . . . " with a crack in my voice and lost it. That was almost 8 years ago. 

I've been REALLY lucky the last year or so, though. I have only really had 2 minor low points. Both of them were manageable with a little patience on the part of those that I love the most - and I was back to "myself" in no time. I've found some awesome products that are helping me to have more natural energy and raise my cortisol levels . . . it's been a blessing!

However, this time I've noticed my mood has lingered a bit longer than I'd like and I do believe it is in part due to stress. May has ALWAYS been a stressful month for me as a teacher. There are a lot of last minute things to do. Lessons to wrap up and goodbyes to plan. The thing is - the end of the school year comes no matter how ready or not I am. And it's upon us.

So - back to the picture and my kids all hanging out with me at the SAME TIME! Did you know that cuddling can help with stress, depression and anxiety?  It's true and as these 4 mind readers were taking turns bowling on the Wii . . . each one of them came over and gave me a hug or snuggled up next to me while waiting for their turn. I'm pretty sure they knew I was off but also knew that I was okay. I do the same thing when I can sense they are in need of a boost in their oxytocin. 

So while, yes, we do medicate for things that we need to medicate for (and that includes depression) we also believe in healing through hugs in this family. Even if it doesn't cure everything . . . it doesn't hurt, either! 

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