Friday, February 20, 2009

A light at the end of the tunnel, maybe?

So - we have been hit with the "bugs" that are going around. Somehow we me managed to get them in back to back weeks. 2 weeks ago (on Wednesday) my children started throwing up - it was around 11 pm. and it continued until about 6 am. DH and I both called off work Thursday because we were exhausted from running a child to the bathroom to puke every half hour. We spent all day Thursday sleeping and I'm not entirely convinced that any of us are back on schedule. I had the stomach thing Tuesday - I didn't really throw up because I wouldn't eat anything. Long story short, I spent most of my time curled up on my bed praying that I would puke so I could feel better - something that previously only happened after too much fun the night before.

So, the next day (Wednesday - one week from when the puking first appeared) we decided to clean. I mean really clean the house. That's when the coughing and hacking and sniffling arrived. Not for me or DH, but for both kids. Danika was the worst and she's still not 100%. She looks so pathetic - but I don't think the doctor would give her anything any I'm not going to spend the $25 copay unless she shows signs of something other than a head cold.

My #1 problem right now (the one I should be dealing with instead of blogging) is that I told my husband that, "Yes, lets move the computer upstairs" the Wednesday the kids got their head colds. This wouldn't have been a problem, but we never finished because Danika was in a "mommy sit and hold me I don't feel good mood". my house is a total and complete wreck. I have no space for stuff and no idea where I'm putting anything. Plus, DH is at work and I can't move anything by myself. Argh - frustrating. I'm hoping this weekend we get it all straightened out because I CAN'T live like this.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What were we thinking?

I love the museum. My husband and I have fond memories of strolling through the museum looking at all of the beautiful, amazing and awe-inspiring objects - whether it be art or some giant prehistoric creature or a stuffed bear, giraffe or monkey of some sort. For some odd reason the museum actually is (or I should say was) a sort of aphrodisiac for my husband. We loved the yesterday, we decided our children would love the museum as much as we do and we should take them! Umm...I should mention we decided to take our 3 and 2-year-old to the Art and Natural History Museum - not the Children's museum or the Science Center where there are interactive things for them to do - buttons for them to push, things for them to crawl on. NO - we took them to the "Please do not touch" museum. Hmm...yeah - that was a great idea.
This look kind of sums up Nate's feeling about not being able to touch anything.
Danika found the tag that they gave her the most interesting part of the museum.
We did find one exhibit they were able to play on - Nate was pretending to fish and Danika was throwing them back. :)It's not like I'm a horrible mom, though - I did take them here on Friday...and I even climbed up that damn thing myself to show them there was nothing to be afraid of...twice. My knees are freaking killing me!