Holy Bloggy Break!

12/14/2011 06:36:00 PM

It's almost (but not quite) a month since I've posted a blog post . . . and I really, truly have missed blogging.  I could try to make excuses for why I haven't blogged and blame my kids . . . they have been SICK SICK SICK for the past month or so.  They were even kind enough to pass the sickness on to me so that I had to spend Thanksgiving Eve praying to the porcelain god.  (I remember Thanksgiving Eves of the past where I also said a few prayers to that deity, but this was no where near as much fun beforehand).

I could blame it on that . . . but I also could have gotten my butt to my laptop a few days after being sick and just jotted a post or two.  The truth is, I just haven't "felt" it lately.  I haven't been myself lately.  I have been more stressed out than usual and a lot more scatterbrained.

The twins have been horrific when I'm home alone with them - they've been pretty horrific when Jerry is home with me, too...however, they seem to be really happy when I'm not around.  I'm starting to get a complex about it.  The thing is, they want my attention all to themselves and when I try to make breakfast, lunch, heat up dinner, sit down at my laptop or start to clip some coupons they go NUTS!  They want to be on my lap, they want to see what I'm doing and they want to help.  It's exhausting and frustrating.

Here's just a few of the things you missed around here!

  • Thanksgiving went really well after I was done throwing up...here's a picture (NOT of me throwing up)                                                                                                                                                                                         Loch, Porter, Nate, Danika and Mia at Thanksgiving . . .
  • I'm done Christmas shopping - well . . . that's not 100% true, I still have to go and buy stuff to put in the kids stockings.  The major stuff is taken care of and I've already WRAPPED everything, too!!!
  • Tinsel and Holly (our Magic Elf elves) have been up to their old tricks again...the kids seem less excited about it this year but still run downstairs EVERY morning to see what Tinsel and Holly did that night.  Here's some of my favorites:

  • Tonight, Tinsel and Holly were able to sneak out of the house somehow and hop in Santa's sleigh while he was following the firetruck around handing out animal crackers!!!  Nate and Danika's faces were priceless and I really really wish I would have had a camera.
  • School and work are winding down and I'm REALLY excited about having some extra time off to hang out as a family this year!
I think that's it...lame, huh?  Oh well, it got me typing again and I'm sure that I will be back again soon!

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