Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinterest Blog Hop?? Count me IN!

I may have mentioned before that I have a little bit of a Pinterest addiction.

In fact . . . I'm not only an addict, I'm a Pinterest Pusher, too!

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So, this morning I was reading some stuff on Facebook and came across Crystal and Co.'s post about a Pinterest blog hop!  I knew what I had to do - I had to write my post ASAP so I could get in on the action and then spend the rest of the day looking at the pins of all the new people I would be following thanks to this wonderful idea!

Here are a few of my favorite pins from this week -

1. Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups - unlike a lot of my pins, I actually made these and they were WONDERFUL
2. One Year of Organizing: Monthly Checklists - I only looked at January, but these seem doable!
3. Hanging Convo Hearts - I'm thinking of having the kids make these out of paper and doing it year after year . . . like their Valentines to each other!
4. Hootenanny - this is another one that we actually tried and it came out pretty good!  The kids loved it with a little syrup and it was REALLY easy!
5. Launch Pad - I REALLY REALLY want to make one of these to hang next to my dry erase monthly calendar.  I think I would like to do it for meals.  I WILL do this this year...It's a pin I'm going to follow through on!  hehehe
6. Magic Sauce - okay . . . I haven't made this so I can't say it is magic for sure but just LOOK at how yummy (and easy) it looks!!!
7. Fabuless Freezer Cooking - if this is NOT your first time visiting, you probably know that I did Once A Month Cooking last year and am planning on doing it again this year.  I thought this site had some great ideas for recipes that me and my partner in crime should check out!
8.  Valentine Smores - how cute are these?  With a little sign that says "I love you 'Smore" each day"  :)

If you aren't on Pinterest and would like an invite just leave me your email address and I will send one off to you!

So, here's the deal - Straight from Crystal and Company

In the spirit of Pinterest, please pin this post and a few of the links posted. In turn your post will all get a pin from me and others who link up. Feel free to use the linky to post your pin address, blog post or some of your favorite links, including your own!

Make sure you leave your pin name so I can follow you. Follow me, Crystal and Company as well as my cohost, SusieQTpies Scraps of Life and  3 Boys and a Dog, too!

Happy Pinning!!!