Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where a kid can be a kid - and adults don't get to sit for 3 hours

So today we went to Chuck E. Cheese for my husband's cousin's son's 5th birthday party. The kids had a blast! Seriously, it was so much fun - but exhausting...and crowded. I joked with my SIL that if we ever have a CEC birthday party it is going to be at like 5pm on a Tuesday afternoon so no one else is there.

The thing that kills me is that it was a BEAUTIFUL day outside. If we weren't already signed up for this party we would have been playing outside for what on earth were all of these people doing there that weren't at some party? Take your kids outside! Let them run around and play in the fresh air! It doesn't cost anything - is a lot less crowded and noisy...and will tire them out 1000 times faster. Oh, and you can take a blanket, chair or what have you and plop your butt somewhere and watch...that is if you don't feel like chasing them around or playing with them.

This was NOT the case at CEC. There wasn't an empty seat to be had in the whole freakin' place. Not that my kids would have let me sit for an extended period of time. There was the 3 minutes that Nate was playing air hockey with Porter that I was able to plop my butt down at some table where people had left all their stuff...I figured if they came back they'd understand...and if not I would be standing up in the next 2 minutes anyway.

So - here's some pictures. They really did have a great time and it was well worth it. I just wish there were about 100 less people there. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Go fly a kite we c


So, we tried to fly kites on Sunday. It was chilly and the sun kept peeking in and out from behind the clouds. It was an okay day to be outside with a jacket on. We thought for sure that it would be a good day to fly a kite - but alas, we had no wind! Much to the dismay of my 3 year-old son, we couldn't get the kites up in the air.

Yesterday was the exact opposite. It was sunny and warm. Almost short weather - DH did have shorts on, but the rest of us stuck to long pants and short sleeves. The kite flew, though...and my son was thrilled. :)

Here are some pics - which will be the last ones I ever take with my Samsung camera because as I was putting the kids in the car yesterday I sat on the camera (which, yes, I had in my back pocket because the maternity pants I have don't have front pockets) and cracked the screen. I cried and DH went and bought me a new camera and then told me I was spoiled. Which is true. My new camera came from Radio doesn't have the bells and whistles that my Samsung did - but I found that I didn't really use those bells and whistles anyway. :)

Okay...gotta get to work. :( I really want to sleep...maybe a nap this afternoon!

Is that a cool kite or what!?

Nate and Daddy flying kite.

Nate finally doing it himself!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's probably me . . .

Did you ever just have one of those weeks where you kind of just wish everyone else in the world would disappear and leave you alone? I'm having one of those weeks and I tell ya - everyone is still here and still annoying the crap out of me. I'm sure that part of it is pregnancy hormones. Heck, maybe all of it is pregnancy hormones. Who knows - but my poor DH is taking the worst of it and I don't even feel that bad...okay, I feel a little bit bad...but not a lot.

It seems like everything he does annoys me - when he's just sitting there doing nothing (like now) I feel like he's always doing nothing. When he's trying to help he inevitably messes something up or does something differently from how I would do it and I end up having to do it anyway. When he's with the kids I end up having to finish whatever he started or make good on his promises of snacks/drinks or whatever..."Mommy will go get it. Tell Mommy." (Don't get me wrong - I know I've probably done that to him enough - but I'm annoyed and it's on my list of reasons why.)

So, he asks me today what our problem is. We haven't been talking much, we haven't cuddled, we haven't laughed, we haven't had sex, we haven't been ourselves. I'd like to say it's been a few days, but it's been more like a little over a week. I don't have an answer, though. I know that it isn't as easy as saying you did this and I didn't like it. I also know that it isn't something that he is just going to be able to fix or that I am just going to be able to get over. Most of all, I know it's mostly due to this pregnancy - and my emotions being all out of whack. I'm tense - tired - stressed and feel spread a little thin these days.

I'm not overly concerned that we won't get through this - in fact, I'm not at all concerned that we won't get through this. I'm just hoping that the end is near because I really miss my husband and I don't like not being able to be in the same room as him without rolling my eyes and huffing a lot.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Like Father - Like Son..

DH use to joke that we were going to have naked Wednesdays at our house once we got married. Anyone who stopped by on a Wednesday needed to be prepared. Of course naked Wednesdays never really took place - but it was a running joke for quite a while among our friends.

Fast forward 4 years - we now have TONS of naked time at our house. Of course it isn't DH and I running around's our children. Especially our son...I just can't get him to keep his clothes on. A lot of it has to do with the fact that he is fairly newly potty trained. He does a great job all day long with his "big boy" underwear on. At night, he's still in a pull-up. I'm cool with that for now. However, every time he goes potty he feels the need to take all of his clothes off - and he then gives me a terrible time when I try to get him to put them back on. He's even gone so far as to help his sister get naked, too. So they both run around he house laughing and squealing, "We're Maked!!!" This continues until I lose it...and someone inevitably cries.

I hate that. I want them to laugh and squeal and have fun. I mean really, what's the big deal if they are running around naked at 2 and 3 years old? I guess I have this fear that they are going to think they can just do this anywhere - like preschool when Nate heads there this summer.

Well - I just bargained with Nate that I would let him see some funny videos on my laptop if he put his big boy underwear on - it's time to pay up because he did. Yay! No tears this time! Maybe bribery is the way to go on everything?